Power Tee® – Better Practice, Better Play.

Royal Oak Golf Center is the 1st practice facility in Michigan with Power Tee®!

The Power Tee® automatic teeing system helps golfers build a base for excellence. It’s what Power Tee is all about – it builds skills quickly because golfers can get hundreds of more “shots” per practice session.

Power Tee is the number one internationally-patented automated ball teeing system in the world. It is the most productive and enjoyable practice aid any golfer can find today. For this reason, Power Tee is installed in over 60% of the golf ranges in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including world-renowned locations such as St. Andrews, The Belfry, Wentworth Club, Celtic Manor, and Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club.

Power Tee is a proven product with high marks from customers, golf professionals, and range owners. The seasoned technology works in any condition – from the sub-zero to tropical climates, and is built to withstand substantial usage. In good standing since its incorporation in the UK in 1996, Power Tee is in its 20th year of successful business innovation, and remains a world-leader in stand-alone automatic teeing systems.

Why Power Tee?

Simply, it is a product that benefits many subsets of the golfing industry – children, seniors, high-handicap golfers, low-handicap golfers, range/club owners, and professionals. Power Tee is in a strong position to help the golf industry grow – through “Better Practice, Better Play.” In 2016, the company will continue to aggressively pursue placing Power Tee units in a majority of golf ranges and country clubs throughout North America.

Benefits to Golfers:

  • Helps create rhythm and build muscle memory
  • The fastest way to a better swing
  • Attracts young and beginner golfers
  • Maximum repetition builds confidence
  • Makes practice fun, instead of frustrating

Power Tee Benefits & Competitive Advantage:

  • Build Muscle Memory
  • Understand small swing changes by maintaining stance, grip and posture between shots
  • Work on rhythm and timing
  • Two great practice surfaces (best quality mats available on the market)
  • Multiple tee heights (up to 24 available adjustments)
  • Multiple practice drills surrounding automation can be used to improve various swing ailments; these drills only being possible when the ball is automatically teed up

Benefits for beginners:

  • Gain interest in a well-respected sport that they will potentially play for decades
  • Power Tee inspires young people to practice – they love the magic of it and appreciate the technology side of the system
  • Power Tee removes all of the work associated with hitting golf balls, which leaves just the pleasure
  • Power Tee reduces the risk of shock injury during practice

Benefits for low-handicap golfers:

  • For prolific practisers and professionals, the risk of injury is constant. For tour players, an injury is expensive (at best) and possibly career-threatening (at worst). Power Tee’s mat systems are engineered to hugely reduce shock and risk of any joint injury.
  • For technical golfers who understand the dynamics of hitting a golf ball, Power Tee offers a completely repeatable environment, which facilitates experimentation and consistent repetition.

Benefits of Power Tee for skill development:

  • The fastest way to a better swing
  • Proper stance results in substantially increased shot accuracy
  • Maximum repetitions build muscle memory
  • Maximum repetitions build confidence
  • Practicing on a proven commercial grade system builds consistency

For more information visit: www.powertee.com