PGA Jr. League

ROGC will again have three (3) teams comprised of: 8 – 13 year olds (with 14th birthdays after Aug 1), 8 – 13 Development Team and a 17 & Under Team. 7 year olds may join but must call Glenn first to discuss at 248.549.4653!

Royal Oak Golf Center is proud to sponsor our 4th PGA Jr. League Team in 2023.  The Royal Oak Golf Center Team is called “The Rangers”.  Coach Matt Berger has been our leader since the beginning and has a long career of developing young golfers.

  1. Travel Teams:  8 – 13 and 17 & Under: 10 – 12 players per match who earn their way to play on each Travel Team. This is determined by Coach Matt & Glenn by practices throughout the season; sportsmanship; as well as past performance in matches for those that have been on the Team.
  1. 8 – 13 Year Olds Development Team: These players have not yet earned a spot to play in a match. Travel Team and Development Team practice together. The goal is to improve golf fundamentals. Development Team players may earn a spot in an upcoming match.

Matches:  ROGC Rangers historically have played 4 or 5 matches depending on the number of teams in our league. We do not have a home golf course, but have been fortunate to play all of our matches away at local private clubs.

PGA Jr. League Online Request Form